Town Planning

Town Planning Permit for Building Units

When you want to build several houses in a block, also called townhouses or units, it is a must to get a town planning permit. Your council will evaluate your application for the development of the unit.

Project having several houses or units in a block

It would be best to get the services of a qualified planning consultant. The consultant would both help prepare the permit and submit the application. The plans to be submitted must be created by an experienced building designer.
As professionals in building designing & town planning consultancy, we would get your plans and permits ready.
We always recommend that our clients who seek development of units undergo the pre-application meeting prior to submitting the application for planning permit. This meeting is arranged free-of-cost and it helps in the faster processing of the application by the council.

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Number of Units you can build

Depending upon the general design of your project, the council determines the number of units that can be built. When the council receives an application for more than one house within a block, it makes use of ResCode, Neighborhood Character Policy.
The factors that can have an effect on the number of houses that can be built are:

  • The orientation of the site with the sun, in accordance with the shadows made on the neighboring properties.
  • Parking for vehicles and proper space for turning cars.
  • Adjoining land windows near the boundary.
  • The sloping of the land and several other factors.

Planning Permits

A positive application for planning permit requires a design that fulfills the ResCode requirements and also meets the following positively:

The properties on all the three sides, the immediate neighborhood, the specific features and limitations of the site
 Asking various questions
The main question you would want answered is not about the number of units that you can fit into your land, but whether or not your proposal is going to meet ResCode and whether or not the proposal fits with the makeup of the area and its surroundings.

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