Stages of your Planning Permit Application

Stages of your Town Planning Permit Victoria Application

In the process for getting a Planning Permit, you would pass through 7 stages as elaborated below. 1. Due Diligence – 2. Preparation and Submission of Application – 3. Application checking by Council – 4. Issue of Public Notification – 5. Council Assessment – 6. Decision

[quote]Due Diligence [/quote]

You have to find the precise planning controls that your property adheres to. This can be achieved by:

  1. Undertaking Planning Assessment.
  2. Reviewing your property through Planning Schemes or Land Channel Online.

[quote]Preparation and Submission of Application[/quote]

While applying for the Planning Permit, you would have to furnish the following information and requirements:

  1. Town Planning Permit application form
  2. Lodgement fee
  3. Latest Certificate of Title
  4. Planning Assessment Report
  5. Necessary specialist reports
  6. Plans and Drawings copies

[quote]Issue of Public Notification[/quote]

Prior to making a decision, Council gives you a chance to comment if the Planning Permit is going to affect you. The Council is going to decide how the public notification is given out. This can be through:

  1. On-site signage
  2. Direct mail
  3. Advertisements in newspaper

[quote]Council Assessment[/quote]

After the public notification, the Council will prepare a report containing:

  1. The proposal
  2. The evaluation process
  3. The required planning scheme and policies
  4. Referral comments or objections


After the public notification, the Council will prepare a report containing:

  1. Approval – In case there is no objection, the Planning Permit can be issued instantly by the Council.
  2. Notice of Decision – In case there are objections and at the same time the Council is ready to approve your application, they would be issuing a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit.
  3. Refusal – A Refusal to Grant a Permit notice is issued to you explaining the reasons for the refusal. A refusal can occur even when there are no objections at all.


In case you are not satisfied for the reason behind the refusal or objection of the Planning Permit by the Council, it is possible to appeal to the VCAT.

You can avoid this stage and increase the chances of your application’s approval by getting guidance from a planning consultant.

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